2024 OpenText threat perspective: Strategies for a stronger SMB

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Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face tough cybersecurity challenges. Get a thorough analysis of the current cyberthreat climate, drawing on intelligence from over 15 million endpoints. With machine learning and AI, we gathered helpful insights, including:

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Evolving ransomware threats

Software supply chain attacks and ransomware-as-a-service continue growing in number and complexity.

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Phishing gets personal

Attackers use AI and large language models to craft more convincing, targeted spear phishing attacks.

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Regional infection disparities

A region-specific approach to cybersecurity should tailor defenses to businesses all over the world.

OpenText Cybersecurity Threat Report

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30.7 percent fewer malware infections happen when businesses adopt multi-layered defenses. OpenText™ Cybersecurity offers prevention, protection, and recovery from cyberattacks.

2024 OpenText Cybersecurity Threat Report

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