Cyber threats are changing the way we do everything.

Cyber resilience using a layered defense strategy remains the best defense against today’s cybercrime landscape. Powered by the BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Platform, the OpenText Cybersecurity annual report reveals actionable threat detection insights to enhance the layered security approach for businesses, consumers, and technology vendors around the world.

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Malware is a consistent and growing thorn in the side of every business and consumer

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In 2022, 87.5% of malware was unique to one PC.

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Attackers might remain consistent with their attacks, but that doesn’t mean businesses or consumers are off the hook.

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Where in the world are PCs being infected?

Well, it differs by region.


Not only are we seeing PC infection rates differ by region, but also by industry.

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The sky’s the limit with ransomware payments

Infection rates may vary, but ransomware payments are headed in one direction – up.

The year-end average for ransomware payments in 2022 more than doubled the 2021 average, hitting...


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Infection Rates by Industry

Threats by Industry
OpenText Cybersecurity

It’s boom time for high-risk URLs

Ransom payments are soaring,
but so are high-risk URLs.

4 Million

This growth also differs based on location...

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Phishing for your data


Phishing spikes at various times of the year. Cybercriminals like to strike when the iron is hot – holiday and tax season remain the most active times for URL phishing and fraud.

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Cybercriminals are not just phishing for your information during certain times throughout the year. They are also attempting to trick you by impersonating top brands.

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The cost of non-compliance with data privacy regulations and damage to the brand can be even more devastating than disruption from encryption, especially for larger organizations. It has become more attractive to just pay the ransom and sweep the entire incident under the rug.

- Grayson Milbourne | Security Intelligence Director

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The threat intelligence, trends, and details presented in the 2023 OpenText Cybersecurity Threat Report are based on data continuously and automatically captured by our machine learning-based architecture. Our threat research team analyzes and interprets the data using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence.

2023 OpenText Cybersecurity Threat Report

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